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We Provide Services In the following areas :

Home Support
Our home support services are designed to provide individuals with a sense of independence while receiving the necessary assi

Our in home support service provides service in a community base setting. In this setting, we provide a personal service that is designed to assist individuals in order to gain independence. Individuals learn to cook, shop, clean and manage their household finance such as rent, utilities and groceries.

In home support - assistance provided to individuals in their apartments and family homes to facilitate independent functioning and enhanced quality of life. These supports allow individuals to remain in their homes.  We also help individuals with daily living skills and homemaker personal care.

Social Adaption & Vocational/Career Training
At Willing Hands, Inc., we believe in empowering individuals to thrive socially and professionally. Our social adaptation pro

 At Willing Hands Career Center provides individuals with Social Adaptation and Vocational/Career Training. We emphasize on skills unique to individuals needs, interests, and preferences.  The Career Center consists of activities in the community, personal choice concepts, and development of community integration skills.  


Medical/Non-Medical Transportation

Transportation can often pose a significant challenge for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our comprehensive tran

 We understand how transportation can play a critical role in accessing medical care. That's why we offer an expert Transportation service, with a dedicated assistant who can help facilitate your travel to and from medical appointments. Our team is here to make sure that you get the care you need, when you need it.

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We operate group homes that offer a supportive living environment for individuals who benefit from a communal setting. Our gr
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